Modern wall colors – what are the new trends for 2015?

modern wall colors collage

Modern wall colors 2015


As always, the theme with the matching colors of the year 2015 is very topical! Even in winter. Before we continue with the main trends, let's start with a special case this time.

Very popular recently is the execution with natural materials.

If natural stone and wood dominate in your house, then you should paint the wall in white in between. Nothing has changed here. As for the rural style, the modern wall colors are always those of the materials themselves.

So our tips do not concern the house design in this style. It's about the rest. There are clear trends in 2015.

50 shades of gray ...

This sentence also seems to be current in terms of modern wall colors. If you choose a cool shade, like yellow or red, then you're wrong.

Modern elegance in gray

modern wall colors white furniture abstract wall clock

Harmonious contrast in the living room

modern wall colors dark gray fur carpet zebra

Accent wall in the hallway

modern wall colors gray bright dark corridor

Supple nuances of gray

modern wall colors gray neo-baroque furniture bedroom

Futuristic design and solid colors

new wall colors gray white floor tiles

Soft gray for more comfort

modern wall colors light gray beige furniture

A successful game with the shades

new wall colors dark gray accent wall oak parquet

Straight lines and clarity in gray and white

modern wall colors minimalist furnishings bedroom

Gray is just one of the modern colors this year. But the others have its upscale, modern, even in futuristic visions suitable character. Violet, green yellow, pastel pink and beige are also in.

They are also very popular among international decorators. Vivid nuances such as bright yellow could only be there as accents. Because they are wonderful against such kind of backgrounds to advantage.

Joie de vivre in the nursery

new wall colors green yellow children's room

Green-yellow calms the eyes and brightens the ambience at the same time

modern wall colors green yellow living room Scandinavian

Relaxed bath atmosphere

new wall paint wall tiles bath green yellow

Are these modern wall colors already on the market?

As a rule, the enumerated modern wall colors are always on offer. So you do not have to wait for the latest collections to make your home modern this year. If you do, you have the chance to buy a great new mix of modern wall colors that were not for sale before. It certainly pays off for you, if it should cost a little more, right?

Vintage touch with pastel pink

modern wall pastel pink interior

A cute baby pink

modern wall colors baby room pastel pink

Gorgeous nursery design in delicious colors

new wall pastel pink children's room

Cozy bedroom in pink

modern wall colors pastel pink bedroom

Summer mood without inconvenience

modern wall colors pastel pink living room

Artful and minimalist in purple and white

new wall colors purple bathroom

Majestic and meaningful

modern wall colors violet dark gray

Soothing purple and high gloss in white

new wall colors violet minimalist white furniture

Purple in the bedroom makes for more balance

modern wall colors violet pastel white ground

Security and clean design in the bedroom

new wall colors purple bedroom

Romantic ambience with candles

modern wall colors violet wall decal romantic

Natural colors and smooth textures

modern wall colors bathroom beige

Soft leather and generosity

modern wall colors beige leather sofas

Beige backdrop and fresh accents in orange

modern wall colors beige orange accents couch

Subtle and purist in white and beige

modern wall colors beige living room

Eclectic decor in the living room

modern wall colors bright beige living room

Nursery in natural colors

modern wall colors kids room beige

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