Marble-like wood flooring by Pernille Snedker


Marble-like wood flooring by Pernille Snedker

Hansen is an amazing creation, wood is the final material that we have known for a long time. Using an old technique of marble processing, Pernille Hansen Snedker of Snedker Studio has achieved this beautiful, bright and colorful effect on the wood panels, all done by hand.

  Here is the description of Snedker Studio:

"It was a challenge for us to continue working the wood so that we get more aesthetics and achieve a higher degree of harmony in our world"

Pernille Snedker has transferred an ancient technique of marble processing to wood

marble-like wood flooring balloon

Pernille Snedker has transformed supernatural, organic, colorful and vivid patterns. This processing technique reveals the secrets of wood, whose history and inner details are hidden and hidden in nature. This technique was also known in ancient Japan as suminagashi.

The applied decoration is intertwined with the natural annual rings of the underlying wood

Marble-like wood flooring exhibition

Pernille Snedker Hansen says she chose this processing technique to emphasize the texture of the wood. First she makes the design, with different colors and interesting patterns, she holds on paper and only then does she work with the wood.

Peculiar artful color palette

Marble-like wood flooring idea design

Marble-like wood is really amazing, it shows the texture of the wood to its fullest. This looks great on the floor or as wallcovering, has unique patterns and a range of interesting colors, so buyers are spoiled for choice. Marble-like wood was actually created as a Danish Crafts collection, but is now also for purchase by Snedker Studio.

 Colorful pattern from design on paper marble similar wood flooring designAnother pattern - yellow and green nuances  marble-like wood flooring idea house

Vertically located

marble-like wood flooring pattern decorative motifs Elegant and original atmosphere  marble-like wood flooring chair woman

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