Business looks for women according to the current trends 2016

Business Look for Women - Trends 2016


We spend so much time at our job. That's why modern business look trends are so important to women. The collections for 2016 offer a great variety of models. We would like to take a look at them together with you. We do this mainly with the help of current pictures. In addition, we would like to reiterate what basics you need for your perfect wardrobe.

Business clothing for women with style

Business Look Women's Current Ladies Business Fashion

Elegant business clothes

Business look women gray business fashion clothes

Business Look Women: What do modern business women look like in the workplace today?

Business look women chanel women's fashion

Victoria Beckham is a role model for elegance and style

elegant bussiness fashion women jacket ladies fashion Victoria Beckham

Suit for fashion-conscious ladies

The suits should be kept for special occasions. They can consist of different elements - pants or skirts, be two or three pieces. It is best to have two suits at your disposal - one with a skirt and one with trousers. Ideally, they should be chosen so that the individual parts can be combined.

Modern women's suits

Business Look Women Ladies Suit Business Clothes Ladies

That is now in trend ...

business suits women 2016 haute couture sakkos pants white cream stripes beige light brown business suits ladies catwalk sakkos pants gray blue

Business fashion in red - a very good color selection

Business Look Women Ladies Business Fashion Red Dresses

Some blouses and jackets

You need some blouses and jackets that you can quickly combine with other garments.

A classic combination - jacket with shirt

Business Look Women's Ladies Suit Gray

This combination can also look very modern

Business Look Women Ladies Business Suit


The elegant turtleneck sweaters are a very good option for the fall and all cool days. You'd better have some of those. The same goes for the simple sweaters. All such garments should be without noticeable patterns or prints.

With turtleneck also in the office 

Business Look Women's Peplum Skirt Blazer Blazer

pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is great because it shows elegance and sexiness at the same time.

Pencil skirt - the most elegant business rock par excellence

Business Look Women Ladies Business Fashion Dresses

Pencil skirt in black with high waist

Business Look Women Ladies Business Fashion Skirt Knee-length Shirt White

Simple elegant design in dark green

Peter Hahn Fashion Business Fashion Ladies Skirt


The elegant straight-cut pants are a must. They must not be too narrow or too wide.

Business pants with creases, uncrushed according to current trends 

Business Look Women Ladies Business Outfits

Light gray and black is a suitable color combination for everyday work

Business Fashion Ladies Business Outfit Woman Pants High Heels

Elegant knee-length dress

Elegant dress to the knee or slightly higher is also a must for office wear.

Knee-length business dress in black

Business Look Women shift dress black knee length

Current knitwear for businesswomen  

Business Look Women Ladies Business Fashion Dresses Catwalk


Do not miss the jacket from your wardrobe. It is important that the textures of the jacket and trousers or skirt match. The colors of the two parts should also be harmonious, but not necessarily the same.

Business outfit

Business Fashion Ladies Business Outfit Woman Accessory Glasses Haircut


There is probably no better alternative for the evening wear than the coat. You should have enough matching models of it in your wardrobe.

Winter coats from the catwalk

Business Look Women Winter Coat WhiteBusiness look women winter coat gray Business look women winter coat handbagBusiness Look Women Business Clothing Ladies

Fashion trends and accessories

To what extent should one be in tune with the new trends and how many expensive accessories should one have? It depends on your goal in the first place - at which company do you work, which position do you occupy and of course your personal attitude. You need to feel confident when putting on your clothes and fashion accessories. And usually you can not be better dressed than the boss.

Please do not forget red lipstick!

Business Look Women Ladies Business Fashion Red Lipstick

For more inspiring business outfits just scroll down

Business Look Women Business Outfit Woman Gray

Business Look Women Ladies Business Fashion Dress Shirt Business Look Women Ladies Business Fashion Outfits White Dress Knee-length

Business Look Women Ladies Outfit Business Clothes Business look women elegant business outfit beige

Business Fashion Ladies Elegant Black White Business Outfit Woman

Business Fashion Ladies Business Outfit Woman skirt accessoriesBusiness look women pants shirt briefcase Business Fashion Ladies Business Outfit WomanBusiness Fashion Ladies Business Outfit Woman Black WhiteLadies jacket Blue sporty elegant Scandinavian style women's fashion Business Fashion by MoreMore elegant women's fashion Business Fashion by MoreMore elegant women's fashion fashion advice online Peter Hahn Women's Fashion Dresses Summer Trends Business Look Women Peter Hahn Fashion Ladies Fashion Dresses

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